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Dankers & Frank Consulting is primairily focussed on actual and measurable improvement of your organizations, companies, business or production processes and therefore always includes working tools to accompany the consulting.

We offer Quick Scan Analysis and Requirement Analysis projects on your business processes to evaluate and validate your actual or future ICT environment and investments.

Based on these conclusions we will advise on third party software solutions or present you our Management Platforms including total implementation support and extensive education. A short term (3 - 6 months) pilot project is defined and initiated with all necessary milestones and quality criteria.

Management issues

We are specialized in the following managing issues in the Healthcare Environment (Academic Hospitals) and the Oil and Gas Offshore Industry.

  • Strategic Automatization Management
  • Production and Workflow Management
  • Information and Data Quality Management
  • Change Mangement and in-house Education facilities and courses

Hands-on Tools

Production Data Pilot (PDP)
After reviewing and validating all business parameters, domains and flows the customer and Dankers & Frank will feed the system with actual production data as a starting point for the actual launch and acceptation of the platform. Being presented in the pilot phase with your specific production data It will be instantly visible that everything goes as expected.

Start Document (SD)
The Start Document is the formal document of the above validation over a specific period of time (spanning at least the pilot phase). Adaptations, extentions in functionality and future upgrades are also logged here for company specific needs and priorities. It will serve as a life-cycle track and guards the preservation of investments.

Strategic Management Overview (SMO)
In order to realize the above a periodical and structural consultation approach between your Board, ICT department, the actual workfloor and Dankers & Frank should be established to serve the various interests. Long term decissions on flexiblity, future connectivity, performance demands, user interfacing etc. will be addressed here.

Deployment and implementation

When choosing for a Dankers & Frank platform we offer a D&F - customer cooperation turn-key project with success guarantee. You buy the platform up-and-running!