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Event Management
Even if your organization does not have serious problems with managing all your event activities there is always room for improvement, especially regarding the (lack of) real-time online and database-driven facilities. In the near future this functionality will be essential in operational and workflow management for every state-of-the-art congress organization or scientific committee.

The Event Management Platform enables you to easily and efficiently manage ALL administrative activities involved in successfully organizing your events - small and large - for your company, clients, scientific committee etc. Real-time and online! Being tailor made to your needs it creates the cutting edge for your organization.

This will result in a great reduction of work and time, saving substantial costs while it also achieves better efficiency, maximum insight and the highest possible quality.

The EM Platform consists of a Web Portal, Event Lounges and an administrators Back Office. The User Interface is the web browser and the Back Office, accessible from all over the world, is a downloadable direct up-and-running client Windows application. The EM Platform Portal and Lounges may be integrated into your current web-site design (content and site management) through the use of (optional) templates. All business data can be interchanged by using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). All this guarantees to preserve the house style of your web site and no redundancy in data management and data entry. For new initiatives the EMP offers a flexible framework and style library.

Major Advantages

  • Because of the structured approach both site design and content can be easily updated, validated and reused indefinitely for new events.
  • Action management is optimized through the use of templates from a custom multi-channel library, time management, filtering for batch output and archiving all this correspondence.
  • Full online abstract handling, distribution, reviewing and acceptance. 
    • This results in extensive publishing functionality to either CD, hardcopy, online access or all media.
    • Full and free text search is also supported here.
  • Form design and management enables the organizer to customize interactive data entry directly into the EMP database.
  • Program management supports both parallel and multi group sessions.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) ensures that you can easily keep track of your prospects for the future.
  • Direct online hotel reservations and credit card payments are optional items.
  • Last but not least the workgroup authorization enables account management within the organization.

You may download our introductory flyer or if you want detailed information, have any questions or suggestions please request for information and we will send our extensive EMP Product Information and various pricing options to your business email-address.