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Additional information about the Dankers & Frank Software Platforms is available to you after registration

Depending on the platform we have documents and/ or presentations focusing on functionality and technical information targeted to your ICT department.

If you are interested then onsite demonstrations - for your efficiency and comfort - are available. First time demonstration is free of charge with exception of travel and residing expenses. Please contact Dankers & Frank for preferences.
Demonstration of any D&F platform in a fully operational environment is also possible. One time only. Dankers & Frank has to arrange location and facilities with the host organization. All  expenses are charged. This is also depending on the size of the visiting group. Allow for about 3 - 4 weeks when scheduling.
Demonstration based on a functionality case is optional.  We provide you with a functionality checklist that can easily be customized and extended to your specific demands. A fixed fee is involved and set in advance but depends on your specifications. Allow for about 5 - 6 weeks when scheduling.

An evaluation version (60 days) with full functionality is available for the Event Management Platform (EMP) and globally accessible! There is a restriction of the number of events (2) and total of registrants (50). Usage is totally free but since the platform is ASP (application service provider) -based there is a (fixed rate) charge for setup, provider costs, throughput etc. Allow for about 8 - 9 weeks when scheduling.