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Management Strategies
The strategic and tactical management of many companies and organizations nowadays is not run only from the top level anymore but is delegated to lower management levels in order to achieve faster and more adequate response - conform the overall business policies - to different circumstances anywhere in the company. Structural Local Immediate Management (SLIM) is a must. The business policies are laid down into hand-tools and measurable for the work floor. The necessary management information - if relevant to the coworker - should be available ‘on the fly’ everywhere. Filtered on scope and detail where needed. The coworkers themselves then have insight into the crucial data of their work environment and productivity allowing them to take initiative, check and control their ‘production’. This again in relation to the overall company’s vision.

Multi dimensional
Management of information and the decision making based on that information implies a multi dimensional approach and attitude of all management and coworkers. The interaction between the divisions/ departments is of major importance to the quality and continuity of the majority of the business processes. The manager therefore demands a transparent insight into her/ his relevant data, regarding the interacting divisions or processes. Only then one is able to set the priorities straight and accomplish maximum benefit for the whole.

Sweet Spots
’Information Sweet Spots’ are those information elements, which are crucial to the decision making, because they add the most extra value to the productivity of the business processes. It is essential that these sweet spots are presented to the manager in a clear and consistent manner. In order to define the proper sweet spots direct communication validation with management and 'work floor' is obligatory.

Implementing the various parameters used by the manager and various report facilities support the quality of her/ his work and highly contributes to the establishment of a high acceptance level for the ICT system involved.

Data management
Business information is of crucial importance to all decision making concerning the way of conducting your business. A continuously accessible, valid and consistent databank is probably the major hoofdpijler of every company. An transparant, scalable and exten

Een continue beschikbare, valide en constistente gegevensbank is de hoofdpijler van ieder bedrijf. Een open, schaalbaar en uitbreidbaar informatiesysteem is de beste garantie voor bedrijfszekerheid en behoud van investering.

The DERM platform of Dankers & Frank with its modular architecture supports these management aspects kent door zijn modulaire opzet een optimale ondersteuning van deze management aspecten. Iedere resourcemanagement module kent haar eigen management views en deze zijn naar wens uit te breiden a) als ondersteuning in de managementtaken (interactief), b) in de vorm van extra rapportages. Welke informatie hierbij beschikbaar komt en hoe is direct geënt op hoe de betrokken werknemer werkt. In monitoring van kritische data en alerts is uitgebreid voorzien en kan op eenvoudige wijze worden aangepast. Subsets van informatie zijn via de verschillende business-oriented (deel)applicaties toegankelijk. Ook externe tools als Cognos kunnen hierbij gebruikt worden waardoor datamining en drilling een reële optie worden.