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The applications communicate through a middle layer with the database (3-tier architecture). Here Microsoft Internet Information Server (MS IIS) functions as a request broker.

Internet technology
In developing the platforms Dankers & Frank extensively uses many aspects and advantages of the internet technology. We have set the following important quality criteria for implementation:

  1. The system does not require installation of client applications. The clients may be downloaded 'as is' and upon starting automatically connects to the database via the intranet. New versions are presented to the user automatically using 'smart update'. This minimises application and version management.
  2. Maximum independence of resellers, software components and Virtual Machines. No ActiveX components and Java. The entire platform is developed in C (MFC) with the exception of the use of Microsoft IIS and the browsers IE or Netscape. The application communicates through COM with IE.
  3. The accessibility over the network should be guaranteed. Therefore only the HTTP and FTP protocols and the standard ports are used. Business operations standards are thus maximised. The platform is also very well suited for companies without dedicated networking.

ICT support 
The Dankers & Frank systems may be deployed 'corporate-wide' without any significant effort and workload of your ICT department. Reliability (uptime), data integrity en performance should of course be managed in cooperation with your network and database administrator. The application management is based on 'zero-administration'.

Hardware and more specific technical requirements
For more specific technical and hardware requirements please request for information on these issues.